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Finding The Perfect Sports For My Personality

I have always loved to get outside and enjoy a little fresh air, which is probably one of the reasons I was drawn to recreation and sports in the first place. However, I quickly realized that there were a few different things that made me a great candidate to play sports, so I started talking with different teams about joining up. After I joined a community kickball league, I really became close to some of my friends that played with me. This blog is all about finding the perfect kind of sport for your personality, so that you can feel great and stay active.


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Time To Start Making Those Summer Plans: How To Choose The Right Summer Camp For Your Kids

The weather might be frightful right now, but things will start warming up before you know it. It's time to start making some summer plans. If you've decided to send your child off to summer camp this year, you should start making the plans right about now. If you wait too long to solidify the plans, you may find that everything is booked up for the season. If this will be your child's first year attending summer camp, you might not be prepared for the process of finding a suitable location. Here are four tips that will help you choose the perfect spot for your child to go this summer.

Do Some Research Ahead of Time

When it comes to choosing a summer camp for your child, it's important that you do some research ahead of time. Not all summer camps are created equally. The most important thing you need to determine is whether or not the camp you're choosing is accredited. Ideally, you want to choose a camp that's accredited with the American Camp Association. That's because the ACA conducts on-site inspections of the camps they put their seal of approval on. When you choose a camp that's accredited, you know that your child will be in good hands while they're away from home for the summer.

Consider Your Child's Likes and Dislikes

When choosing a camp for your child, you want to consider their likes and dislikes. Your child is going to be spending a good portion of their summer at camp, you want to make sure they enjoy the activities they'll be involved in. For instance, if your child enjoys lots of swimming during the summer, you want to choose a camp that is centered around water sports. If your child loves animals, choose a camp that provides access to animals such as horses. By considering your child's likes and dislikes, you'll know you're choosing a camp they'll enjoy attending.

Find Out Where Their Friends are Going

If your child has a special group of friends that they spend most of their time with, you might want to find out where they're going this summer. Your child may have more fun going to camp if they know that they'll have a ready-made group of friends once they arrive. Going away to camp for the first time can be intimidating, but the process can be easier if friends are involved.

Ask About Family Packages

If you have several children who will be attending camp this year, it's a good idea to ask about family packages. Many summer camps offer discounts to groups and families. By utilizing family package discounts, you can save some money on the cost of summer camp.

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