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Finding The Perfect Sports For My Personality

I have always loved to get outside and enjoy a little fresh air, which is probably one of the reasons I was drawn to recreation and sports in the first place. However, I quickly realized that there were a few different things that made me a great candidate to play sports, so I started talking with different teams about joining up. After I joined a community kickball league, I really became close to some of my friends that played with me. This blog is all about finding the perfect kind of sport for your personality, so that you can feel great and stay active.

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Top Benefits Of Private Swim Lessons For Children

Knowing how to swim is important so a child can enjoy spending time and water and also to prevent accidental drownings. While some parents have the skills needed to teach their child how to swim on their own, many parents opt to enroll their child in swim lessons to help ensure that a child learns how to swim properly. If you're interested in enrolling your child in swim lessons, you may notice that there are both group swim lessons and private swim lessons available in your area. In many cases, enrolling your child in private swim lessons is the best option. Some of the top benefits of private swim lessons include the following:

Customized to Your Child's Skill Level

One of the biggest benefits of private swim lessons is the fact that they are completely customized to a child's skill level. In group swim lessons, the group may consist of novice swimmers, but one child may be afraid of the water while another child may already be comfortable holding his or her breath underwater, meaning that the whole group will have to start at the very beginning. With private swim lessons, your child's swim instructor will assess his or her current skill level and then design lessons that focus on the exact skills that your child needs to become a proficient swimmer.

Less Expensive in the Long Run

It is not uncommon for parents to sign their child up for group swim lessons because each session is cheaper than a private swim lesson. While this may be true, a child receives one-on-one attention during private swim lessons, which means that he or she is more likely to learn how to swim faster. Thus, children who take private swim lessons typically learn how to swim faster and need fewer lessons. In the long run, private swim lessons can actually turn out to be less expensive since your child won't need as many lessons.


Families usually live very busy lives, so it can be difficult to find group swim lessons that work well with your schedule. Private swim lessons are much more convenient--you can set the day, time, and location to best suit your family's needs. If you have a pool in your backyard, you can even opt to have a swim instructor come to your home to conduct swim lessons with your child. This is so much easier and more convenient than trying to find group swimming lessons that are on a day and time that works well.